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An integral part of the league, officials keep order on the track. Interested
in volunteering? Email for more information.


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Do you love roller derby and you want to help out, but don’t think the hard-hitting action on the track is for you? Volunteering as a skating ref or an NSO (non-skating official) is just for you!


Referees are our skating officials, experts on the WFTDA Rules, and empowered to call penalties to help keep the game moving. 


NSOs are Non-skating Officials and you can find them on the track without skates (hence the name). This group of officials have advanced knowledge of the WFTDA Rules and often enjoys extraordinary attention to detail. They keep order during the games by keeping score, tracking stats, timing penalties, and keeping the game clock correct. 

Our officials often travel with the teams when they skate against other leagues – including WFTDA Playoffs and Championships – regularly work tournaments around the United States and frequently work with officials from other leagues to maintain the highest quality of gameplay wherever they go.


Officials are an integral part of the league – we can’t have a game without them! (Really! It says so in the rules.) What better way to get into the games for free and NOT end up as bruised and sore as the players (usually)? Have questions on how to get started? Contact our Officials Coordinator at for more information. 



To ALL Officials & Volunteers! 
We greatly appreciate each and every one of you and all that you do for NCRD.
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