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Interested in supporting your local roller derby team through donation?

No Coast Roller Derby is always looking for and accepting safe and usable roller derby skates, safety gear as well as monetary donations. Your gently used contribution allows us to suit up potential new skaters while they learn how to skate and play the game. Monetary donations go towards skates, gear, travel for both juniors' and adults' teams or general overhead costs such as rent and flyers. Every little bit helps and we appreciate you for your generosity.

Monetary donations can be sent to us through PayPal using the Donate button or by check through mail. Please make checks payable to "No Coast Derby Girls" and mail them to:


No Coast Roller Derby

PO Box 80964

Lincoln, NE 68501

Our current equipment needs are:

  • Roller Derby Skates - Various sizes for youth and adults but we could use adult sizes the most right now. Roller derby skates are quad skates with 4 wheels; 2 in the front and 2 in the back. They have interchangable and adjustable toe stops. Popular brands include Riedell, Bont, and Antik.

  • Misc skate parts: toe stops, bearings, plates, trucks, wheels, etc. For a quick reference, here's the anatomy of a roller skate!

  • Hard shell wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads - Wrist guards and elbow pads are currently what we need the most of but we can always use more of any of them, for both youth and adults.

In exchange for your skate or gear donation, we'd like to offer your choice of a merch item (T-shirt, hat, fanny pack, etc.) or 1 (one) general admission ticket for a home game during Season 15 (2020).

If you have any of these items that you are willing to part with, please contact us at to arrange a trade and a pick up/drop off time with one of our skaters.

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