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SKATE SCHOOl sessions



Mondays 7pm-8pm @ Lincoln Sports Foundation 

$35 for an 8-week session of skating skills & drills

Skate School is designed to enhance the skating skills of new/beginner skaters in a safe and structured environment. This 8 week session will help teach skating posture, stride, speed, stops, jumps, falls & basics of skating footwork. Skaters who participate will learn basic skills to advance to our junior or adult programs or become a skating official. Skate School is open to anyone at least 6 years of age. All skaters are required to pass Skate School prior to leveling up in Junior program or participating in our annual Adult Recruitment.

Skate School practices are held @ Lincoln Sports Foundation (previously Abbott) on Monday's from 7pm-8pm, Please arrive 15 mins early to gear up. For questions, please email us. 

All participants (or their legal parent/guardian if participant is a minor), are required to sign and submit a No Coast Release of Liability (ROL) prior to participating in Skate School. Only 1 ROL is required per calendar year.

Required Equipment

  • Helmet: We recommend hard shell helmets, since they provide the best protection against possible concussions; look for helmets that are "multi impact certified" or "dual impact certified"​ and use a layer of EPS foam along with a softer layer

    • Common helmets worn by adult skaters are s1 Lifer & Triple 8 Brainsaver

  • Wrist Guards: any wrist guard with a hard plastic guard.

  • Elbow Pads: any elbow pad with a hard plastic shell on the elbow

  • Knee Pads: any knee pad with a hard plastic shell on the knee

  • Mouthguard (required for contact-drills only)

    • SISU mouthguard highly recommended as it is remoldable and relatively comfortable, however, will not work with braces; skater must be able to talk with their mouthguard in​

  • Quad (4-wheel) Non-Inline Roller Skates:

    • Skates should have adjustable toe stops, which screw in partially, then lock to the height with either a nut or a set screw; skates with toe stops that connect with a single screw without adjustable height will make it much harder to learn toe stop skills.

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