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These women compete against teams regionally, focusing on growth and improvement. They play in the first of our double header home game nights.

1776 Scars n' Stripes


451 Babe - Captain

010 Mission Oppossumble

12 Chewie

13 Witch's Bruise

17 Fleetwood SmackDown

24 Nic Nat Paddy Whack

303 Valkyrie

350 Betty Rocker

38 Vintage Vixen

411 Bipolar Roller

42 Nikita Crusher

6 Short N' Stout

707 Honey 

72 Meanie McQueen 

911 Miso Hangry

93 Fem Fatality

970 Purgatori

Headshots taken by Taura Horn Photography

Most action shots taken by Jason Orton Photography

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