No Coast Junior Derby is a youth roller derby league for all levels of skaters ages 6-18 who are interested in learning the sport of roller derby and working on skating & derby skills. Our curriculum takes brand new skaters learning how to skate all the way to highly skilled roller derby players. Skaters are individually assessed for skills & knowledge of the rules of the game. They move up in level when they are safe to do so.

We teach participants how to skate on quads & the basic skills (level 1) needed for roller derby such as: stance, stride, stops & falls.  Skaters must master these basic skills before they are eligible to scrimmage and play with the Thunder Dames (Level 2). Coaches will work with the skaters on controlling themselves while on skates & introduce the rules of roller derby. 

Our Thunder Dames is our beginner and intermediate team. This team is a mix of skaters who've passed the Level 1 and/or Level 2 assessments & are not ready for our travel team. "Leaning" or positional blocking is the main focus for this group, but we'll also introduce derby hits & counter-hits. 

Our Furiosas is our advanced team & comprised of only JRDA level 3 skaters. Furiosas is our travel team that is JRDA Sanctioned & participates in sanctioned level game play for JRDA Rankings. Furiosas skaters will be participating in scrimmages/game type drills in all practices,

Thunder Dames and Furiosas practices are typically two days a week for 2 hours each day, which includes a 30-min off-skate workout led by the Coaches and Furiosas Captains.

The Spring 2021 Session begins Monday March 22. 

Practices are every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm.


*Note: Due to COVID-19, practices have been shortened to 1-hour per day. Please arrive 15 mins early to gear up and be ready to roll at 6pm!

In addition, all Thunder Dames and Furiosas must bring the following to EVERY practice:

  • black & white T-Shirts

  • athletic shoes

  • water bottle

  • all required gear (see below).

ALL PRACTICES are held @ LSF Sports Complex. Please arrive 15 mins early to gear up. 


Your Registration Includes:

  • 6 weeks of practices & scrimmages led by No Coast adult skaters & Referees.

  • Skater insurance coverage by Athos Insurance Services during 2021 (required for Thunder Dames and Furioasas)

  • Off-skates (endurance exercises) tailored to improve skills while on skates

  • Training on derby rules and game film review​​

The Women's Sports Foundation lists many benefits of Youth Sports including:

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Positive body image

  • Improved health

  • Lower levels of depression

  • Less likely to be involved in drugs/unintended pregnancy

  • Better grades

  • More likely to graduate than kids who do not play sports

Required Equipment

  • Helmet: We recommend hard shell helmets, since they provide the best protection against possible concussions; look for helmets that are "multi impact certified" or "dual impact certified"​ and use a layer of EPS foam along with a softer layer

    • Common helmets worn by adult skaters are s1 Lifer and Triple 8 Brainsaver

  • Wrist Guards: any wrist guard with a hard plastic guard.

  • Elbow Pads: any elbow pad with a hard plastic shell on the elbow

  • Knee Pads: any knee pad with a hard plastic shell on the knee

  • Mouthguard:

    • SISU mouthguard highly recommended as it is remoldable and relatively comfortable, however, will not work with braces; skater must be able to talk with their mouthguard in​

  • Quad (4-wheel) Non-Inline Roller Skates:

    • Skates should have adjustable toe stops, which screw in partially, then lock to the height with either a nut or a set screw; skates with toe stops that connect with a single screw without adjustable height will make it much harder to learn toe stop skills​

  • Jerseys & Armbands: Jerseys are reversible & available in different cuts/styles through our team's Frogmouth online webstore.​ Furiosas are required to purchase and wear a jersey and armbands for bouts. Thunder Dames are not required to wear a jersey or armbands but are welcome to purchase from Frogmouth. Thunder Dames may purchase and wear a "scrimmage top" instead, as a cheaper alternative.

Getting Geared Up:

What to Bring with You and What to Wear:

  • Water Bottle (water fountain available for refills)

  • Pants, Shorts or Leggings that cover your thighs (avoid rink rash during fall drills)​ - we recommend athletic wear for comfort and flexibility.

  • Athletic Sneakers; these are a MUST HAVE for every practice to do off-skate workouts

  • One WHITE shirt and one BLACK shirt for pack drills and scrimmages

  • Completed Release of Liability (ROL)

Where to Go and Who Can Come With You:

  • All practices are held at Lincoln Sports Foundation located about a mile north of Cornhusker HWY on N 70th Street

  • Parents are STRONGLY encouraged to participate and learn more about the sport of roller derby. We are always looking for help at practices and games including Non-Skating Official positions.

  • Parents are welcome to stay for practice and quietly observe if not participating in an official capacity.

*Days/times subject to change.

**Practice cancelled in weather emergencies may not be rescheduled. If LPS cancels school there will be no practice.

*** Arrive to practice 15 mins early to gear up.

Feel free to EMAIL US for more information.

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